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The purchase of this boat was a dream that we have had for quite some time.  I have always wanted to either build or buy a sailboat to go cruising but Stacy, after having spent some time on one, decided that she would either meet me in every port or I could get another woman to travel with.  Neither was a good alternative so Iwe changed the type of boat.  After I showed Stacy a trawler she was "on board" with the plan.  We came to realize that the type of cruising we would be doing (East Coast ICW and Bahamas) would rarely allow the sails and the space would be somewhat limiting with guests aboard.

For a few years, we got our affairs in order and began the search for the right vessel.  We traveled up to North and South Carolina, Georgia and all of Florida looking at boats with different layouts, equipment, size, etc. in order to create a short list of desirable boats.  We also happened upon a broker in Jacksonville, Florida by walking into the MarineMax office while "walking the docks" looking at boats.  We met Mike Webster and he helped us make a decision about what would work for us based on our desires, expectations, budget, and whatever other factors his experience dictated should be included.  We settled on the Gulfstar 44 Motor Cruiser and then found the boat that was to become ours.

The name was decided based on our relationship with our 34 Nieces and Nephews.  Stacy has always maintained that good memories must be made.  She holds relationships very dear and family even more so.  When possible, we have always included them on trips we have taken.  Stacy, due to security concerns, started the "Cousins Club" and would always call "CC's" when she wanted to get the attention of all of them without calling individual names.  We decided that the name of the boat should be reflective of this group and that the club should have a clubhouse.  We played with the name and came up with SEASEA  All of the Cousins Club members immediately knew what the name represented and were very excited to be included in this venture.

We hope that we will be able to create additional good memories for guests aboard.


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