Jacksonville Florida


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1.     Aaron Ellison, 6 year old son of Lance on our docks giving Stacy shrimp he caught in his cast net.

2.     Birthday party for James, our security guard, on his 82nd birthday.  He has worked for Lamb's 23 years.

3.     Linda Musgrove and Stacy playing "Laverne & Shirley" on the old tricycle owned by a neighbor but used by all on the dock.

4.     Steve Hardwick visited and helped re-seal the forward hatch on SEASEA.

5-6.  Paul making first attempts to throw a cast net that was on the boat when we acquired it.  It is not a easy as it looks even though we have watched         a six year old do this perfectly.

7-20  Friends from our church came to visit and Alex Ellison (11 years old), along with dad Lance, taught the kids to throw the cast net.  Cole         Membrino caught a fish and Sophie caught a stingray with rod & reel.





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