Matt Tingle/Jake Coleman


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                                      Dinghy Rides                                         Absinthe  from England                         Drink  Preparation

May 11-13, 2006     Matt Tingle, Amanda Morris, Jake Coleman and Lindsay Holmes came to visit shortly after Matt returned from studying at Oxford in England.  We went to Outback Crab Shack and hooked up with friends Warren and Betty on another boat for dinner.  We saw an alligator next to the dock being harassed by a turtle; a very interesting encounter to watch.  Matt brought Jake some Absinthe from England and we tried it with with all of the "ceremony" of burning the Absinthe in a spoonful of sugar and letting it drip into the glass.  It tastes rather like licorice and it is apparently what some famous or infamous writers use (apparently the original was somewhat hallucinogenic).  We all had a great time but got little sleep.  



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